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"The purpose of life is to be alive!" 

Not to become hoarders of objects, accumulate successes or try to fit our body into some kind of mold. To be alive is to accept every part of yourself - the scuzzy, sweet, passionate, talented or slow. 

By starting where you are and through self-acceptance, you can become a good friend to yourself and others."

Restorative Lifestyle Coaching

Wellness and lifestyle coaching will not only point you in the right direction in life but act as a mentor to finding or realigning your passions in life. 

Have you ever pondered the infamous questions "Who am I?" "What am I?" "What is life?" "What is purpose?"

Along with finding answers, you will understand what a balanced lifestyle means to your well being. 

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Single Session - $97. per hour

3 x 1hr Sessions - $197.

6 x 1hr Sessions -  $397.

12 x 1hr Sessions - $757.

*Travel costs are added to me to your sessions.


Meditation has been practiced for centuries and for very good reasons. Studies have now shown mindful meditation can lower blood pressure, eliminate stress and anxiety, alter pre-programmed behavior, and generally make you feel fantastic about the world you live in.  

Each class can be designed to your unique needs. 


Single Session - $67. 

3 Sessions - $157.

6 Sessions -  $357.

12 Sessions - $727.

*Travel costs are added to me to your sessions.


The term restorative is not only to rest but also means to rebuild. You can receive one to one sessions via me going to you, or you to coming to me.

Classes are generally 75 minutes in length and involve guided gentle yoga postures that may include light massage to ease tension in areas of the mind-body. 


Single Session - $67. 

3 Sessions - $157.

6 Sessions -  $357.

12 Sessions - $727.

*Travel costs are added to me to your sessions.


Restorative massage incorporates rest yet aligns the body physically by using props and various massage modalities such as Thai, Lomi-Lomi, Reiki, Sweedish and Essalin styles. Each guided session begins with assessing your mind-body needs, to provide a blissful massage journey. 

A minimum session of 75 minutes is suggested to receive optimal benefits. 


75 minutes - $97.

90 minutes - $115.

120 minutes - $147. 


Sometimes the only way to reset our mind-body is to find our path by taking time out through a week-long retreat or day-weekend workshop.

Access To Living is expanding and wants to provide you with access to powerful moments. Contact us if you have an interest in something you want to explore, our resources run deep into the world of retreats and workshops... namaste.


No matter if you are having a crappy day or an amazing day, it always feels great to read and share some cool motivating or mind resetting quotes. 

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